About Us

By actually listening to your needs, New Horizon Development is able to create a unique and cost-effective project of distinction while providing the highest standards of customer service. We ensure a smooth and worry-free environment throughout your project. While we are not perfect, we sure try!

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Quality Service
Continuous monitoring and application of feedback allow us to effectively provide satisfactory service as it applies to each and every individual's needs.

Use of Technology
Our technology lets us keep overhead down to work efficiently and effectively. Documents and direct communication are only a keystroke away, while the Internet brings the showroom to you. If you require a more visual concept, we are happy to schedule an appointment with one of many vendor showrooms. We accommodate your desired level of participation.

House, General Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

We handpick our subcontractors based on those that share our commitment to quality and customer service. They must also possess the ability to work together in our system and enhance the overall project experience. Cheapest is not the best—you truly get what you pay for.

Keep It Local
We believe in community and strong local ties. This also helps us reduce our green footprint and pass savings on to you. If we can't find it locally, then we pursue other avenues to guarantee satisfaction of your individual project needs.

Easy-Read Documents
Thorough and detailed drafted documents are prepared on an individual basis. There are no handwritten or generic forms. Open communication supports our efforts to provide a pleasant home improvement experience.

We Stand Behind Our Work
Guarantees and warranties are administered as they apply to your specific project. It's a simple equation: satisfied clients + referrals = continued success.

Request an estimate from our experienced general contractor by contacting us today at (888) 326-1930 in Los Angeles, California.